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First, lets review what you get all for the one price

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Item 1 to 5. Five in one VIDEO series "Training You to Train Your Dog" with Darr Houssen

5 sessions totaling 4 and 1/2 hours of dog training. (VIDEO) This series, by itself sells for $125.00 in most retail outlets. This dog obedience series is designed for anyone wanting to possess a well behaved and reliable companion dog. One who is a respected member of the family and a faithful friend for life. Regular Price $125.00. Note: There are 5 videos recorded on a one 6 hour video tape to save cost on freight and tapes. This enables us to offer this very special price.

Item 6. VIDEO: VOL 1 "Speed Training Your Puppy Mother Nature's Way" with Jim Houssen

Want to see a puppy do exactly what it is ask from it in seconds? Believe it, you will Jim Houssen completely control puppies like Kaya in seconds. Not days, not hours or minutes but seconds. How? First Jim goes down to the pups level of understanding. Then teaches the pup from it's perspective of understanding. Then he brings it to understand at our human perspective. Communicating with animals "Mother Nature's" level. Individual Price $49.95.

Item 7.CD-ROM: vol.1 Behavior Modification "Training Puppies Mother Nature's Way" with Jim Houssen

This CD-ROM is nothing short of exciting. Jim and Darr get dozens of phone calls every week from all over North America. 10 plus(ten) hours of these phone calls are on one CD-ROM, with the callers permission. They cover just about every behavior problem imagined. And more....Individual Price: $49.95

Item 8.CD-ROM: vol. 2 Behavior Modification "Training Puppies Mother Nature's Way" with Jim Houssen

This is a fun CD-ROM that gives you not only a complete 66 page "Pet Tips" color printable document but also goes into a lot of unusual behavior sessions around behavior. You find out just how smart a dog can actually be in it's natural environment. Individual Price is $ 49.95.

Item 9. MANUAL: Puppy Training by Darr Houssen

Puppy Training The Natural Way (MANUAL). Welcome to the fun, fantastic, thrilling and challenging world of puppy rearing. Down to earth methods and techniques to help you along on your journey.

Item 10. MANUAL: Training You To Train Your Dog by Darr Houssen

This basic dog obedience manual will present you with the building blocks required to Train You To Train Your Dog. Training becomes fair, and fun for you and your dog. This is laid out as if you were going to our 8 week basic obedience class revised 1999 edition

Item 11. MANUAL: Agility and Advanced Training. by Darr Houssen

Ideal for those that want to advance the dog and the themselves past the stages of basic obedience.

Item 12. A high quality slip chain collar

Most times called a choke chain but in error as using our training methods the chain is used for noise and attention getting value. Not to choke the dog. Using the Houssen methods and seeing the videos will help you understand. Regular Price $ 11.00

Item 13. Six foot Nylon Leash

To add to this extra special a 6 foot high quality leash manufactured here in Canada is included. Retail: $14.00

Item 14. Nylon flat collar to fit your dog

To add to this extra special a 6 foot high quality leash manufactured here in Canada is included. Retail: $9.00

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