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CD-ROM (vol 1) - Training Puppies Mother Nature's Way
$49.95 US

This CD-ROM is more than just a "Behavior Modification" training disk. The methods here are not the typical training programs that universities and animal science programs offer. Food, mice, rats or any other "Human Motivated" method of modifying an unwanted behavior pattern in a dog or puppy is not used. What you have here is Mother Nature's (God's) methods. Nothing invented by man, but studied and understood by Jim and Darr over the many years of interacting with dogs within their natural environment of understanding. A training method Jim began to unconsciously study at the age of 13. Because of this special understanding, he has developed methods that defy the conventional methods of training. Almost nothing on this CD-ROM can be found on most dog training books or videos. On this Interactive CD-ROM you will hear about 10 hours of telephone conversations in high quality MPEG3 audio, conversing with people around North America that have had major frustrations with their dog's behavior. Some of the most common problems are aggression. fear, dominance, playful or just a plain bully. You are taught how to over come these problems, once you understand the methods. You learn within minutes, if not seconds. The second most common problem is house breaking. This is dealt with in depth as well. One of the features that make this CD-ROM so helpful is that every dog is different and there are many natural ways to approach each problem within each dog. For example, with aggression, there are many ways to approach a situation depending on the problem. There are over 20 individual solutions on this problem alone as well as many others on this CD-ROM alone. Each offering an unique solution. If you are still not convinced, go our audio video sample page. There is a sample audio clip for you to examine in streaming audio.

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