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Darr & Jim Houssen's Dog Training
Probably the best way to get some sort of an idea on our manuals ( if you haven't already downloaded them) or our videos, is to see some of the comments that are emailed back to us.

    Hi, your training manual saved my family, thank you! We now have a perfect little lady-pup, Holly. I'd like to be on your mailing list, my internet ID is RPWS67A@PRODIGY.COM. Thanks again, ......Lynda Naclerio

    Keep up the good work. I'm not able to even think about opening a dog training school, but your information has sure helped in training my own dogs. I bought your video about a year ago and have lent it to several friends who thought it really helped them. A Satisfied Customer, Bob Patterson bp02+@andrew.cmu.edu

    Dear Darr and Jim, I hope you remember me from the last mail i sent some months ago. Since I suppose you don't have so much mails from Israel, you should remember. I'm interested to be included in the pre-release list of the puppies video, I enjoyed (?) very much the video training series, Thanks for the information mail and congratulations for the nice training pages That's all for now. Shalom (which means Peace but also Bye), Mosh Moshe Guershon e-mail: mois@post.tau.ac.il

    BTW the manual is *beautiful* when read with Word for Mac. Michel Eytan, U Strasbourg II mailto:eytan@dpt-info.u-strasbg.fr (France) "Je dis ce que je pense et je pense ce que je dis"

    I received my copy with no problem and I love it!! Thanks again! Pax Danni amaze@kaiwan.com ULC Church of Amazement

    Hi Darr, I downloaded your training manual and found it very informative, as I am in a relationship with a woman who does pretty much the same thing as you. She trains dogs for film, protection, and the average dog owner, and your manual made sense of the things she automatically does that didn't necessarily make sense to me. (Did I say that right?) I showed the manual to her and she was quite impressed, and she's been training dogs (with her ex-husband) for over 12 years. Speaking on what I know, (the Internet and the WWW homepages) I quite enjoyed your homepage. In closing, keep up the good work and I hope you keep the page updated and an interesting place to visit. (name withheld due to personal content in message...message is from Nova Scotia Canada)

    We very much enjoyed your manual as a pratical guide to "dog psychology". We look forward to your upcoming puppy manual!! tnielsen@execpc.com

    I feel that you did a superb job on the manual !!!!!! My thanks to you !!!! Russ Prus prus@rinhp750.gmr.com

    James, Finally, I got my tape on 15 June 96. It takes exactly 1 month to Malaysia. Thank you very much, I like the tape very very much. As you mentioned on your previous mail regarding the order for the puppy video and complete training book on sale. How much in total do I have to pay to deliver to Malaysia ? I would like to place an order. Thanks. Lewis Loo. Lewis_Loo@dell.com

    Hi Guys! I just wanted to let you know a couple of things. First, I love your training video. It has been a great help for me and even for my dogs. We are all progressing very well. Only one small problem has arisen, one of my dogs, Jake is blind ....<clip questions on dog training etc> I'll let you know how training goes. Maybe, when I figure out how, I will send you a picture. Forgive me if I seem too personal, but after training with your video,I feel like I know you. Leigh "ecdenton@ECUVM1.CIS.ECU.EDU"

    I know this following (unedited) letter is a little long but I enjoyed the time he took to write it. It made me feel like going to Rio de Janeriro right away if all the people are as friendly. Jim

    Dear Jim & Darr,

    When I got home from the firm this Friday, Bruno and Laura were really excited: your Video finally arrived! They didnít open the pack ( highly educated children are really something ! ) so that I could check that everything was OK and that is how it was: absolutely OK! The dinner ran faster than usual, and to the VHS to see ( nothing else, but DOGS )! Thank you very much, everything is OK ! While seeing both of you in the classroom, we could feel many things: well, Darr ( allow me to call her this way without any title, precisely as we do in relation to prominent people: Napoleon, Washington, Tyson, Villeneuve ) is fantastic ! Although we could see that she has absolute control of both the four and the two-legged students, she is totally given, not at all cold. Highly complicated matters such as the dog's body language, in her words and hands becomes something totally simple ( and yet, simple is very difficult ). She laughs when talking to the students, she understands the bridges that are to be crossed inside one's mind, well she is a Great Instructor. She can train anyone in any art, because she knows how to train. It becomes evident that she enjoys what she's doing. She is at the same time: firm, gentle, tender and sweet. She combines many human qualities in a very humane mix. Please let her know of our feelings...

    As for yourself, it is fantastic to see the depth of your knowledge. Although we can feel that you really love dog's any dog, you are really very skilled and sharp during the lessons. ( I'd say drastic: you do not forgive anything. You do not leave a single second to chance. The dog learns to know that you are there right there, at once, immediately ). Your skill ( skill in the sense of the of the ball control by a professional soccer player ) is really something for us to pay attention to. And to watch and to learn. The dog soon learns to know who is in ( the sharp ) command. ìNoî becomes an undoubtful NO! No is no, period! You ( plural ) are Super!

    2. Our first reaction to the Sessions is that as far as the dog training is concerned, the issue is not the dog but to get oneself trained to train a dog. The way you you do it, it does not seem complicated: the basic commands are very short and intelligible and the underlying statement is there, crystal clear. Nonetheless, I am sure that we will have doubts ( for instance: repetitions, reinforcements, etc. ).

    The first 2 questions we have are: how to train the puppy to defecate and to urinate in the only place possible and how to train the puppy not to bite and not to destroy things. Is there a Video or a manual on these aspects of the puppy in the houseî?

    3. While we wait for our dog to arrive ( no matter how, no matter when I'd say. Provided that it is the soonest possible, the kids would complement ) we will watch to the Video. I do not intend to translate the comments into Portuguese. I'll try to limit myself to a hint here and there, but nothing deeper than that. Bruno and Laura are smart and I am sure they will make it! Let the extra stimulation brought by the understanding of what is being said to provide an extra motivation for them to improve their English. Let's see how it works It's going to be a double challenge.

    4. Knowing my crew as I do, I believe that Bruno and Laura (my children) will run the Video so many times, that it will finally be hopelessly damaged. So, I'll try to make a copy of it for purposes of backup, put that copy to run and try to keep the original with the least use possible. Because of that, I am very much interested in the manuals. As I start sending you ( via Internet, usually at 3 oclock a.m. !!! ), photo by photo, of the selection Bruno and Laura have so carefully prepared for you using the Photoshop ( yes, selection, since there are 7 photos, in .jpeg and .zip formats, which is still enormous: around 800 KB each photo ), and we go through the 5 Sessions, I'll let you know the material we think would be helpful for us, since you and I can now rely on both the Canadian and the Brazilian Mail and that the Credit Card system really works.

    5. This month is a very complicated month for us Brazilians who work. Tomorrow will be the first of the three-day Carnival holydays ( which in effect will not end up until Monday 27 ) and the month is over. Because of that I didn't have time to venture myself into the dark swamps of the Law requirements for importing puppies from Canada , what I hope to do as soon as possible. I did not give up of the idea of having a male puppy German Shepherd Top A Companion Dog chosen by yourself.

    6. Bruno found Canada wonderful and the locations you have chosen for Darr's outdoors demonstrations in Session 1 are really beautiful. The whole Video is beautiful in all senses. Please receive my deepest congratulations. Cordially, Gilberto.

Well thats enough for now but if you want to go back and review our pages, go to our free stuff or perhaps the specials on our video tapes.

If you already have either some of our tapes or training manuals and want to make a comment send me email. If you don't want your comment listed here, tell me so. Thanks.

James (Jim) Houssen