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You will need Quicktime to see these videos. It comes with all the more recent browsers but if you do not have it go to Apple Computers Quicktime web site. If you have a slower connection, below 56K , I suggest you wait a few minutes before starting the movie or it will keep stopping and waiting for your connection to catch up.

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These Dog Obedience Training Tapes are the first in a series designed for everyone wanting to possess a well behaved and reliable companion dog. That is, one who is a faithful friend for life. Does this sound like the impossible dream? Not true! All you need is the basic knowledge and instructions so you can train and understand your canine companion. Anyone can train a dog to become obedient and be under control. Allow me, to "train you to train your dog". It's not an impossible dream. You will see results almost immediately on starting your training.

Is This Your First Dog? If this is your first dog or you just want a proven formulated way to train your dog then this is the video series for you. This series is very well laid out and with more than enough information to carry you through the complete training life of your dog.

Have you trained dogs before? If you have had dogs before and have done some training there is no doubt about theses tapes. They are for you . they will help you improve your training skills ten fold regardless of how much you already know. Remember we can never know to much. It is when we think we know it all that we stop learning.

Are You a Professional Trainer? If you are already a professional trainer here is a lot more to this video series than the obvious. The total package is about 4 1/2 hours long. If you have never always wanted to open your own dog training school for instance the format is laid out here for you. Along with the detailed training manual that comes with the special package, you can lay out the ground work for an eight week class. The beginning or first video in the series of five covers the basics and progresses until you reach video number five. Then what you do is use week six and seven as reviewing weeks to fine tune what the dog is learning. Then I recommend a graduation as you will see at the end of the video series.

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