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Here's a head shot of Bella and a picture of Bella and me ( Jim) at a Superdog Show. Bella passed away this summer (2000) from natural causes due to her age.
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Darr and Jim

Here are a few...pictures of Darr and I......
We have been married for 16 years and together as a partner for over 19 and for those nineteen years we have been training dogs together as a team. Before that, Darr trained horses and I trained dogs but only as a hobby. I have trained dogs since 1967...... just for myself and a few friends. I never made a big deal of it or even thought by any remote chance I would be involved as much as I am now. It kind of just happened. In the pictures above you will see me with Strato (named after my Fender 1960 stratocaster guitar)...the German Shepherd. And Darr with Sprint ( named after the telephone company) her border collie. Then there is a picture of me with Jazz ( named after the music I love best to "attempt to" play on my strato)...and Darr with Kelsey ( shucks! she had her name when we adopted her...but I like it anyway.....she became our mascot for our boarding kennels.. Jazz is Darr's Border Collie ( shown with me) and Kelsey is mine ( shown with Darr). Kelsey now lives with my daughter Bridgette who is attending university to ve a vet in Nova Scotia Canada.

Below, you will also see a picture of my first really serious experience with a dog. A white German Shepherd. And only recently have I realized how important a relationship I had with Beauty...the white shepherd. She did everything from protection..tracking , to tricks, as well as picking up and bringing me dozens of objects by their name as well as so much more that is way to numerous to mention. I had no idea at the time of what I had for a dog, then again I was in my early twenties.

In 1980...she was put down due to severe dysplasia...and for those that have had the same or a similar experience consider reading this poetic verses...perhaps print it for others. Better still use Acrobat Reader to see and print it as it should be seen..as it was written