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Training FAQ

8. Interesting Doggie Problems

Two Rottweilers following master's car

Jackson ......wrote:

We live in a rural area where we could leave our two 10-month old Rottweilers not confined. In the hot weather we would like to be able to do this instead of putting them in their pen. However, they tend to follow our vehicles, thus, we have to turn around and lock them up. They are smart and have caught onto other rules, but we have not been able to teach them to stay when they see us leave in our car/truck. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    Jackson, Have they had a good foundation in obedience training? If not that is the place to start. then...

    Use repetition, a choke/slip chain correction if necessary and a firm voice in a deep tone. command "Stay"

    Also remember there is a wrong way and a correct way to use a choke chain. If it is actually choking the dog then you are doing it wrong. The nice thing about a slip/choke chain ( I hate that word, choke), is that the dog will begin to react from the sound of the links touching each other directly under it's ears. What ever you do do not buy one of those 1 or 2 dollar type slip collars readily available at discount stores. Get advice from a Pet Store or qualified trainer. Spend the extra money for quality. There is more information on this in our free training manual at this location. Just follow the links at the bottom of the page to "Free Manual".

    Now, try this;

    Get in the truck, start to drive off. As soon as you see your dog begin to move stop the truck. Walk back to where the dog is repeat the lesson. If it takes a half an hour stay persistant. As soon as you appear to have gained some ground, perhaps a hundred feet perhaps 200, drive back in the yard and praise the dog and with loads of love. If you are not the kind of persion that is able to show genuine affection in a very strong way with your dog you may have to resort to giving your dog a treat but I highly recommend you work with love not food. It may be harder but the reward is greater. A firm trusting bond created from love and mutual respect. Work only with one dog at a time with the other one hidden from view. Work with the easier dog first. Get some practice.

    cheers and good luck.


Email James Houssen: james@houssen.com

Email James Houssen: james@houssen.com