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Well, Kelsey is a real dog. Loves everyone, will do lots of trick stuff on command. Kelsey makes everyone feel important.
She is a mixed border collie breed. As we frequently get calls to place dogs in homes, on an average about 10-20 per week, I had a gut feeling about this one just from the phone call. They called and said they had two dogs and twins on the way. One was this border collie mix they got from a pet store. So, Darr and I thought we would take a drive up to there house and look at the dog. Again a gut feeling within me. When we got there Kelsey was tied to a tree in the front yard while their poodle mix was roaming around. They live in a country setting and were nice people. Certainly not abusive towards animals. I approached Kelsey and immediately she growled at me as she was being approached at the tree she was tied on. But after a few minutes she accepted me and I immediately fell instinctively in love with this dog. I took her home. Her and I within a week became best of friends.

Actually a week or so later the previous owners dropped in unexpectantly and I had a real fear they wanted Kelsey back. Fortunately, all they wanted was us to show them how to clip there other dog's nails. What a relief I felt. I knew at that moment Kelsey and I were met for each other.

Although I love agility and Flyball, Darr does more of this than I do. Actually I play with the dogs in our files but I have never taken on the sport Darr has. And Kelsey is one of the dogs that excels in agility that we have. I did the basic obedience and Darr took her through the sport which continues to make her a better dog by far.

The moral behind this story is if you have a mixed breed dog that doesn't make it less. So love it, because there are some mixed breed dogs that would put a lot of pure bred dogs to shame in intelligence as well as form.