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Training FAQ

5. Choosing a new puppy or older dog
Do I buy a Doberman or German Shepherd?

Chris ......wrote:

We are trying to decide between the two breeds for the purposes of a family pet/companion who would also enjoy obedience work. If you have time, I would appreciate your perspective on the differences between the two breeds as far as your experience in training goes. I noticed that Dobermans are no longer used as police or guide dogs very often. This made me rethink things as their coats really suit our climate better. (Even though the dog will be inside, it is very hot here in Texas.) I am seeking all the advice I can get because it's an important decision. I have trained a golden before but have little experience with either of these breeds. Thanks for your time,
Chris Nizialek

    Chris, The big thing to remember is a Golden is not even close temperament wise, as a shepherd and Doberman. And with that said both Dobermans and shepherds can be ideal dogs if brought up correctly and you are also careful as to where you purchase your dog.

    It is very important to choose the dog from a breeder that breeds for temperament first. Yes, I have a preference to shepherds but I love dobs as well. I would recommend that you have someone "neutral" to both breeds, but very familiar with dogs that can have aggressive tendencies help you choose your dog. Remember this is a 10-13+ year decision. Pay the qualified person 30-50 dollars if necessary. It will be worth it.

    But!!! Make sure that the qualified person is not a self professed expert. Work only from referrals to that particular trainer. Most likely the trainer will have 15-20 years experience with all kinds of dogs. Good Luck! Be slow and do not let "oh that is a cute puppy" syndrome influence your decision.

    I have also subscribed you to our newsletter for your future information and you will get a separate automatic response.


Email James Houssen: james@houssen.com

Email James Houssen: james@houssen.com